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What is a Wellness Vision – and How to Create One

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By Kristin Hedstrom

Kristin Hedstrom writing training plans

Picture this: it’s a Friday, you’ve had a week, stress levels have been through the roof, you barely had time to get in a workout (let alone a few), your sleep has been all out of whack, and your meals have felt rushed and unhealthy. 

You’ve had a nagging desire in the back of your head to start doing yoga on the weekends, or go on a run, or cook something healthy, but somehow, the thought of doing anything except pouring yourself a cocktail and doing absolutely nothing seems unlikely.

The hustle of everyday life is no joke, and wellness is one of the first things to go when kids, jobs and life happen. 

You know wellness is important, but where do you start, and how do you build momentum that will last?

Enter the Wellness Vision. 

You may have never heard of this, let alone considered creating one for yourself. But trust me, it can be a total game changer when it comes to how you live your life. It can mean the difference between staying stuck where you are and finally achieving the sanity, peace, and wellbeing you know you need. 

That’s a lot of promise, but seriously. It’s so good that I work on one with every client in my Weight Loss Coaching Program and it’s transformative. 


What exactly is a wellness vision?

A wellness vision is a 3-5 sentence description of your best future self in terms of wellness. It’s a way to capture what you want in the future.

Wellness is a term that gets thrown around without any legitimate definition, so let’s get clear. 

To me, wellness encompasses: 

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress 
  • Weight 
  • Life satisfaction
  • Intimate relationships
  • Mental and emotional health 
  • Energy level 

Your wellness vision answers the questions:

What’s the ideal version of wellness for you? 

How do you want to feel on a daily basis? 

How does this future version of you take care of herself? What are her priorities?


Creating this vision puts a vivid image in your mind of the life you’re moving towards and helps you connect to it on a deeper emotional level. It digs into what you truly want out of your life. 

I’ve found that women feel an instant sense of calm after creating their vision.

It’ll feel like you’ve finally taken what you’ve been thinking about creating and put it on paper, formed an intention around it, and moved closer to attaining it. 

Here’s an example of a recent client’s wellness vision: 

I feel a sense of adventure, whole, and at peace with myself and my place in the world. Food is fuel. I feel strong mentally and physically and can attempt any challenge. I never stop learning and make my best contribution to improving the world. 


Why you need a wellness vision 

Clarity. Yogi Berra once said, “if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” As an absolute non baseball fan, I can't speak to him as a person, but either way, he’s unquestionably right. Above all, creating a vision for your future wellness gives you clarity on the life you're going for. If you don’t set a vision, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up where you want to go. 

Motivation. Creating a vivid, memorable picture in your mind of what the future will be like, you connect your identity to your vision. This is far more powerful than connecting to a surface level goal that you don't actually care about (like a 10 day cleanse). This is incredibly powerful in keeping you motivated. 


Think about it: instead of opting for a healthier dinner out of guilt that you should be eating better, you’ll choose it because it’s in line with who you are.


By the way, did you know that visoning has been proven to help athletes achieve their goals for decades? 

When I was training for the Olympics, this was integral to every athlete’s process. It’s how any major achievement works; you have to visualize what the end will be like and how it’ll feel - then connect to that vision regularly. 


What’s the difference between a vision and goals?

Creating a vision comes before creating goals. 

A wellness vision describes a picture of what your life looks like. It’s something that you’re constantly striving for. 

Goals stem from that vision and are specific achievements that you can definitively say “YES, I achieved that” to. They help move you closer to your vision. 


Here are some examples: 

Vision: I feel calm and free on a daily basis. 

Goal: Every weekday morning at 8 am, I will sit down and meditate for 10 minutes. 

Vision: I am strong and healthy. 

Goal: I will work out for 30 minutes every weekday where my heart rate gets above 140 beats per minute. 

Vision: I feel vibrant and alive because I nourish and fuel my body with clean foods. 

Goal: This Saturday, I will do a pantry clean-out with my spouse/partner and eliminate all processed foods. I will commit to buying only fresh foods for the following four weeks.


See the difference? Vision first, goals next. 

Ready to create a wellness vision of your own? Here’s how. 


01. Get centered + dream

Grab a piece of paper and your favorite pen. (Trust me, go old school on this one.) Close the door. Take a deep breath. Center and calm yourself for a moment. 

Close your eyes. Imagine your life in the future. Maybe it’s 5, 10, or 20 years from now. Dream what it could be like. 

What’s the ideal version of your wellness you’d like to see? How do you feel when you’re at your best wellness? What kinds of habits do you have? How do you spend your time?



02. Get your thoughts on paper. 

Now it’s time to write it all down. 

Brainstorm on your piece of paper until you’ve created at least 30 bullet points. 

If you're like any of the women I’ve coached through this process, you’ve had some thoughts about your wellness floating around in your head. Now’s your opportunity to get them out of your head and on paper.

What might this look like? 

These are taken from actual conversations with women I’ve coached through this process. All names and identifying characteristics, of course, have been removed. 

  • I create the energy that I want in my world, physically and emotionally
  • I am strong enough to enjoy in the kinds of activities I want to participate in
  • I’m intentional about my time – life doesn’t happen to me (response mode)
  • I’m not looking to the world for validation and affirmation but instead doing it for myself 
  • I have certainty that I have the mental and physical faculties to thrive. I’m strong and healthy. 
  • I have obligations in more than just my work life, like going out to dinner with friends, developing hobbies, and investing in my life. 
  • I have confidence that there’s nothing I can’t bounce back from 
  • I cultivate the strength, adventure, and joy I need to balance all the parts of my identity. It’s not all or nothing. 


03. Circle the three things that feel most important to you 

You’re well on your way! 

Next, take a step back and look at your list. Read through it line by line. When you reach the end, reflect for a moment.  

Which three things on this list speak to you the most or resonate with you at the deepest level? 

Circle those three. 


04.  Write it down and commit.

Now you’ve narrowed down your list and focused on what’s truly important. 

Create a sentence with each of those three bullet points that captures the essence of it. 

There you go! You’ve created your wellness vision. These sentences form your ideal version of wellness and will keep you connected to what you’re moving towards.  

Pro tip: once you create your wellness vision, put it in a place where you can see it every day, like on your nightstand or on your bathroom mirror. Read it every day. 

Whether right away or after a couple weeks, you might be surprised how things start to shift in your life. It’s not likely to be a complete life overhaul, but instead you’ll notice changes in your small, daily actions.

Need some accountability to get started? Email me your wellness vision or share it on Facebook

Be well!

an online coach for rowers nationwide and an Olympic athlete. At any given moment, you'll likely find me passionately mentoring high school rowers to reach their potential. 

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