I'm Kristin

Hey there!

a virtual coach for junior rowers looking to get recruited to college. I'm also a Team USA Olympic athlete.

I help rowers all over the country through my training programs and one-on-one online mentoring.  

what  lights me up?

Teaching you simple, world class strategies to instantly gain speed. Giving you a leg up on the tools your high school coaches never taught you.

You know that chubby kid picked last in gym class? That was me. Uncoordinated, unathletic, and unmotivated. When I found rowing, I learned the power of a coach and team to motivate me.

Over my 15-year career, I represented Team USA at 7 World Championships, 7 World Cups, and won 5 international medals. At age 26, I made the Olympic team. 

I mastered the strategies to pace a 2k on the erg, become mentally tough when it gets hard, eat well to fuel my body, and manage the stress of a high stakes environment.

Now, I'm passing all that knowledge on to you.

I never thought I’d get to the Olympic Games...

Whether that's getting recruited to college, making the top boat, getting voted captain, or hitting a 2k, 5k, or 6k PR, I help you become your best.

These days, I'm passionately mentoring high school rowers to reach new levels.

I’ve been honored to work with over 100 rowers on a

through one on one mentoring.

deep, transformative level

“My daughter followed Kristin’s training plan over the summer between her sophomore and junior year and came into the season stronger and faster than ever...she will be rowing at a D1 program in college.” 

- lisa w.

countries I competed in for team usa


athletes worked with one-on-one


percentage of athletes who PR after working with me


percentage of rowers who got recruited to their **top choice** school after working with me


My Timeline

how it all happened


Reluctantly attend the first day of track and field. When tasked with choosing an event, I asked the coach which event is the shortest. Huff and puff through the 100m dash. Finished last. 


Discover rowing + find a team I love


Learn the system to achieve success and get good at pushing myself. Along with my supportive teammates, I finish my high school career with two Nationals medals. 


Win first collegiate national championship for the University of Wisconsin


Make first national team at age 21. Compete for Team USA in Scotland. 


Graduate from college. Win second collegiate national championship. Compete for Team USA in Germany that summer. 


Take one year training full-time to see if I can make the Senior National Team (the big leagues). Become youngest woman in history to make the priority boat for the lightweight women.


Win silver medal at World Championships in New Zealand


Win first ever World Cup for Team USA by winning a gold and two bronze medals internationally


Make Olympic team! Start mentoring high school rowers and writing training plans. 


Win silver medal at World Championships in South Korea while working with rowers on the side. 


The building continues!