I'm Kristin

Hey there!

a Bay Area trainer for driven, successful women, weight loss coach, and Olympic rower. 

You’ll find me energetically cheering on my fitness classes online, helping women around the country lose weight through my transformational programs, or snuggled up on the couch with my pup planning an epic weekend brunch. 

what  lights me up?

Teaching you that living a healthy life doesn’t mean never eating cake again, working out nonstop, and hating your life. 

You know that chubby kid picked last in gym class? That was me. Uncoordinated, unathletic, and unmotivated. When I found rowing, I learned the power of a coach and team to motivate me.

Finally, I had a coach who taught me what to do and what to focus on to get ahead the fastest. And I had a community of like-minded teammates on the same path as me. 

I wasn't always good at athletics or wellness...

 ...but once I learned the system to achieving big, daunting goals, I saw that it was a possibility. It was all about daily habits, taking it one step at a time, and surrounding myself with women who challenged me. 

Over my 15-year career, I represented Team USA at 7 World Championships, 7 World Cups, and won 5 international medals. At age 26, I made the Olympic team. It’s still wild for me to think that I did all that. 

I was a lightweight rower, which meant I had to step on a scale and “make weight” before every race. If I was over the limit, my boat was disqualified. It was a crazy, high stakes environment, but it also meant I got really good at losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way that didn’t make me lose strength - or my sanity.

I never thought I’d get to the Olympic Games...

I started personal training while doing double practices every day to train for the Olympics. When I retired from elite competition in 2015, I'd fallen in love with a new passion: helping women discover their greatness by losing weight and getting stronger. 

These days, I'm passionately serving my clients as I build my business to Olympic heights.

I’ve been honored to work with over 200 women on a

through personal training, small group training, and weight loss coaching. I also work with junior rowers. 

deep, transformative level

“I feel happier, healthier and more energetic than I have in ages. This truly has been life-changing.” 

I recently had a client tell me,

THIS is why I do what I do! 

this or that?

Let's see what we have in common!

My Timeline

how it all happened


Reluctantly attend the first day of track and field. When tasked with choosing an event, I asked the coach which event is the shortest. Huff and puff through the 100m dash. Finished last. 


Discover rowing + find a team I love


Learn the system to achieve success and get good at pushing myself. Along with my supportive teammates, I finish my high school career with two Nationals medals. 


Win first collegiate national championship for the University of Wisconsin


Make first national team at age 21. Compete for Team USA in Scotland. 


Graduate from college. Win second collegiate national championship. Compete for Team USA in Germany that summer. 


Take one year training full-time to see if I can make the Senior National Team (the big leagues). Become youngest woman in history to make the priority boat for the lightweight women. Compete in Switzerland and Poland. 


Win silver medal at World Championships in New Zealand


Win first ever World Cup for Team USA by winning a gold and two bronze medals internationally


Win silver medal at World Championships in South Korea while building my personal training business on the side.


Retire from elite competition, go full-time into personal training. Get certified as a weight loss coach and create a system that helps my first client lose 40 lbs - and keep it off.


I love the guys, but decide to focus only on serving women. I work with as many clients as I can to learn what women need in this area of their lives. Clients have raving success. 


While personal training full-time, I start retooling my process based on what women really want: control, balance, and ease. 


I rebuild the concept of fitness classes and create my first Circuit Training Class. They become wildly popular. Start conceptualizing an online weight loss course. 


Get married to Hans, my dream guy, who’s also an Olympic rower. My client of 7 years officiates our wedding. I open 2 more small group classes. 


Make Olympic team! Start personal training and writing training plans. 


I open 3 more small group classes. Get certified as a weight loss specialist. The building continues! 

countries I competed in for team usa


women served through personal training + coaching 


live fitness classes i teach in my membership every week


cups of coffee every morning