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Since I care a lot about client success, it’s essential that I’m a good fit for you. For this reason, I take on a limited number of clients each year. Tell me a little about you and your goals and let’s see if we’re meant to be! 

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Frequently Asked Q's

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Are you currently taking on new clients?

Yes! Sign up for my One-on-One Coaching Program or let's build a custom program that fits you even better. I've helped hundreds of athletes just like you and I'm confident I can help you reach your goals.

will you be a guest on my podcast?

I'm happy to consider all invitations. I typically get interviewed about entrepreneurship, my Olympic journey, and pursuing excellence. If it's a good fit and the timing works, I'd love to do it. Please fill out the form above.

i don't live in the area. will you still train me?

Yes! All one on one mentoring sessions are held on Zoom. It doesn't matter where in the country you are, as long as you have internet. 

If you follow Kristin’s direction you will improve your time on the erg and your performance on the water. 

But what separates Kristin from others is that she can translate in simple terms the physical, mental, and nutritional aspects of being a competitive rower building self-awareness and confidence. This translates into life skills not just making you a better athlete. 

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- STEVE  |  parent  |  ALAMO, CA

- steve  |  Parent  |  alamo, CA