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A trainer for driven, successful women, weight loss coach, Olympic athlete, and your new favorite hype-girl. I'm here to teach you the fitness, nutrition, and wellness education we never learned as kids. Based in the Bay Area and serving women nationwide. I’m so happy you’re here! 

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- nikki t. 
oakland, CA

“I was able to drop 40 lbs. which completely changed my life.”

- allie E.
alameda, CA

"Working with Kristin hasn't only changed my physical health; my entire mentality has changed. 

I have gone from essentially a sedentary individual to someone who wakes up each morning excited to make healthy choices and exercise.”

- M.J.
alameda, CA

“I lost 30 lbs in 10 weeks. Honest to god, it wasn’t that hard.”

- bernie b.
richmond, CA

“I have lost and kept off 30 lbs since first starting to work with Kristin. 

Kristin helped teach me how to think like an athlete and how to integrate movement, workouts, nutrition and balance into my life.”

- martha s.
alameda, CA

“I feel happier, healthier and more energetic than I have in ages. It truly has been life-changing.”

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Workouts, weight loss, nutrition and finding calm in your hair-on-fire life are all topics you’ll hear about here. When it comes to health, I’m all about creating habits that stick and let’s face it, I love ice cream just as much as you. You won’t hear me suggesting you run 15 miles a day and eat salads for every meal, but I will challenge you to make impactful changes that fit into your everyday life. This is the fitness, nutrition, and wellness education we never learned as kids. So get comfy and dig in as you discover your greatness and start feeling proud of your body. A whole new you starts now. 

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I'm Kristin

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I’m an east coaster turned Californian, personal trainer, and wellness expert who went from being the worst kid on every middle school team sport to representing Team USA at the Olympic Games (yup, ya read that right).

My process has helped hundreds of women get fit and finally find sustainable health instead of yo-yo dieting, and it’ll do the same for you. I know you want to feel confident and in control, like, yesterday. I’ll teach you the tried and true techniques to ditching the all-or-nothing diet mentality and building balanced habits that ACTUALLY fit into your life.

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real estate investing




rowing on perfectly flat water

traffic of any kind

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live in New Zealand


my husband, Hans. He's the best!

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3 -  the achiever



“I learned so much more than how to lose weight. 

I learned how to make major changes by breaking down any obstacle into a manageable step. I learned to have patience. I learned to identify what is holding me back. And I redefined success.”

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- Kelsey W.  |  Oakland, CA

- Kelsey W.  Oakland, CA

I'll be dishing out meal tips, workout ideas, and other inspo every other week. Join the party! 

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