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- Nadia Z.

“I hadn’t PR-ed on my 2k all season and after one session with Kristin, I PR-ed by 3.6 splits. She was a game-changer!” 

Danville, California

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junior rowers looking to get recruited to college

When I was a kid, I was teased about how I huffed and puffed when I ran. I was the token chubby kid picked last in gym class. So slow. So uncoordinated. My parents were dead set on having me be an athlete, but that was met with a huge eye-roll from me. I tried soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, ski team, track and field, and more before we’d all nearly given up. 

Then, I found rowing. The first time I took a 2k erg test, I felt like I was going to die. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life. What I remember even more vividly, though, is what I felt like after the second erg test, when I beat my previous time. I was totally surprised. 

What began in a grungy boathouse at Community Rowing in Boston blossomed into a 15-year rowing career spanning high school, college, and 7 years rowing for Team USA. I raced at Youth Nationals, Collegiate National Championships, World Cups, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. 

I went through the highs of setting records, winning National Championships and competing at the Olympics to lows of injuries, losing races, and failing to qualify for the National Team. I navigated the college recruiting process, then the transfer process from one university to another, the Under-23 team, and the leap to the National Team after college. 

I was hooked.

 I didn't dream of it when I was racing in high school or college either. I just took it one step at a time, one workout at a time, learned the tricks, and honed my skills so much that competing on the international stage was a natural progression. 

When I was a kid, I never dreamed of becoming an Olympian.

Now, I’m passing on everything I learned in those 15 years to athletes who want to get to the next level. 

Sure, you could keep doing what you’re doing, but I want you to make leaps ahead in your rowing. I want to help you transform into the athlete you never even knew you could be. 

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Training Plans

Specific, day-by-day plans that guide you to reach a 2k or 6k PR. Gain access to the workouts that got me to the Olympic Games, adjusted to your speed and skill level. 

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“I’ve trained on Kristin’s workout plans for two years and in that time I’ve PR-ed on my erg tests, won Head of the Charles, and gained tons of confidence. The workouts are tough but finishing them makes the huge effort well worth it — no pain, no gain!”

Cristina B.

One-on-one Coaching Package

My most popular program is an all-inclusive, customized experience offered to rowers around the country (it’s all online). You’ll get full access to me, we’ll analyze your strengths and opportunities for improvement, and I’ll teach you my secrets to work smarter, not harder.

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"I owe so much so my rowing success to Kristin. She has helped me achieve what I once thought was impossible. She was able to teach me so many great strategies for the erg and my split dropped immensely."

Amanda A.

My Timeline

how it all happened


Reluctantly attend the first day of track and field. When tasked with choosing an event, I asked the coach which event is the shortest. Huff and puff through the 100m dash. Finished last. 


Discover rowing + find a team I love


Learn the system to achieve success and get good at pushing myself. Along with my supportive teammates, I finish my high school career with two Nationals medals. 


Win first collegiate national championship for the University of Wisconsin


Make first national team at age 21. Compete for Team USA in Scotland. 


Graduate from college. Win second collegiate national championship. Compete for Team USA in Germany that summer. 


Take one year training full-time to see if I can make the Senior National Team (the big leagues). Become youngest woman in history to make the priority boat for the lightweight women.


Win silver medal at World Championships in New Zealand


Win first ever World Cup for Team USA by winning a gold and two bronze medals internationally


Make Olympic team! Start mentoring high school rowers and writing training plans. 


Win silver medal at World Championships in South Korea while working with rowers on the side. 


The building continues! 

"By creating an awesome training plan and supporting me every step of the way, Kristin helped me earn new PR’s (9 seconds on my 2k and 19 seconds on my 6k) – something I hadn’t done all season.”

Annika C.

Oakland Strokes

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