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The ultimate program to PR on your 2k, get recruited to your dream school, and discover your greatness.

with olympian Kristin Hedstrom

What is this program?

This program is the ultimate one-on-one online training experience for high school rowers who want to pull a WAY faster 2k. 

Whether you started rowing last year or in middle school, whether you row for a club or your school's team, my focused and easy-to-implement program will give you the skills to go faster NOW.

I've helped hundreds of junior rowers from ___ clubs make their team's top boat and get recruited to top schools like Stanford, Harvard, and Washington. Let me help you, too. Available to rowers nationwide.

Imagine if you could...

Sit down for an erg test without a doubt in your mind that you could PR - and then do it 

Drive it like ya stole it in the third 500, rather than feeling like all the wheels come off 

Master your mental game and avoid your well-worn pitfalls 

Have a template for erg testing success you could use every time

Know exactly what to eat before, during and after practice to fuel yourself well 

Give college coaches exactly what they’re looking for in a recruit, so they couldn’t help but recruit you

Win every seat race you were tried for

my coaching package will help you do this and more.

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- Vincent

"I dropped 14 seconds on my 2k after 4 sessions of working with Kristin!"

Indianapolis Rowing Center  |  got recruited to Princeton

I know you’ve imagined the moment when you look at your monitor after a 2k and see your dream score, but right now you’re getting to the third 500 and feeling like everything goes wrong. 

You know that to get recruited to college, you need a fast erg score but the more you pressure yourself, the worse things go. 

When you’ve asked your coaches how to improve, you’ve gotten vague answers like, “you just have to pace it better” or “you gotta be more mentally tough” or “keep working on your technique.” But how...like, EXACTLY how, do you do that? 

I’ve got those exact solutions. Let me show you how. 

You’re left limping to the finish line while your teammates seem to breeze past you. 

Not too long ago, I was in your shoes.

I rowed on a high school team with 60 other girls. I started at the very bottom of the pack and slowly climbed my way up. I loved racing with my team and was passionate about improving. 

I didn’t always have success in rowing. Before the Olympics, World Championships, and National titles, there was a lot of struggle. 

I created this coaching package so you can learn my secrets to speed years before I did.

I know these systems work. I tested them on myself and reached the highest levels of the sport. Since then, I’ve worked with over 50 junior athletes just like you who’ve used them, too. 

It took me my first 7 years of rowing to develop a system for 2k planning (but once I did, I used it and PR-ed on almost every test). It took me 8 years to dial in my nutrition and properly fuel my body, rather than subsist on chocolate chip granola bars, spaghetti, and ice cream. And it took me 10 years of daily practice to get my technique where I wanted it to be (and even then, I was striving for more).

Now I want to give you the shortcuts. 

we'll Create a Fully Customized Plan for you to use Again and Again 

Quick Stats

I'll help you Build Mental Toughness to Conquer any Challenge 

i'll teach you How to Properly Fuel your Body for Practice and Races

We’ll Dive Deep on a Topic of your Choice (technique, lightweight strategies, college recruiting, etc) 







Food as Fuel



Ask me Anything

Master your Mindset

Crack the Code to 2k Erg Testing

Are you ready to unlock your potential?

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The One-on-one Coaching Package includes four one-hour video calls with me:

- Nadia Z.

“I hadn’t PR-ed on my 2k all season and after one session with Kristin, I PR-ed by 3.6 splits. She was a game-changer!” 

Oakland Strokes

athletes worked with one-on-one




years i've virtually coached junior rowers


percentage of rowers who got recruited to their top choice school after working with me



Please note: in order to give my clients the best experience possible, I only take on a limited number of clients at any given time. 

This program works. Here's proof.

let's dive deeper inside the program

If the thought of a 2k erg test makes your heart race, it’s time to put your mind at ease. 

In our first meeting, I’ll teach you how to set an appropriate goal and how to pace your 2k like a pro. We’ll reverse engineer your goal split to figure out exactly what split (and rate) you need to be at for each 500. Then, I’ll help you craft specific mental strategies to use at every moment of the erg test. 

I’ll give you my personalized recommendations and share a page from my own training log so you can copy my tricks. 



Crack the Code to 2k Erg Testing

What you’ll walk away with: a customized 2k plan for your next test. 

We all know rowing is 80% mental and 20% physical. If you’ve ever sat on the starting line of a race, you know how intense the nerves can be. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a hard workout, you know the moment when the piece can go one of two ways: you either push yourself to hit your goal or allow your mind to slip into the world of negativity. 

You know, that place where your brain convinces you it’s never going to end and you're about to die...

On this call, we’ll start by uncovering what’s working and not working for you right now. I’ll share my top 5 tips to build mental toughness and handle pressure situations. I’ll teach you how to recognize those do-or-die moments and how to harness your thoughts for a great result.  



Master your Mindset

What you’ll walk away with: a clear path to handle pressure situations and master your mindset. 

You know nutrition is important, but there’s so much conflicting advice out there. What’s the deal with protein powders? Which energy bars are good vs. bad? Is carb-loading really a thing? 

On this call, we’ll focus on two main things: food quality and food timing. We’ll dig into three days of your food log, identifying which foods you should keep eating and the three areas you could improve. I’ll teach you what to think about when you’re fueling yourself before and after a race so you have the best chance of winning. 

This is where my years of being a hyper-focused lightweight rower really work to your advantage. 

Have q’s about weight loss or gain? This is the call to ask ‘em all. 



Food as Fuel

What you’ll walk away with: six customized meal ideas and a checklist for eating before + after a race.

If you had the floor with an Olympic rower for one hour, what would you ask? 

In this call, you’ll get to ask questions you’ve always wanted the answers to. Want a full rundown of technique to get personalized feedback? Let’s do it. Want to hear an elite lightweight’s tips for weigh-ins or discover the essential college recruiting to-do list? How ‘bout learning how to lead your team to a history making season? I’ll dish on all my secrets. 



Ask me Anything

What you’ll walk away with: my personalized recommendations and expert advice on the topic of your choice. 

Sheryl G.

 Although she loves it, she had become discouraged and unsure. Kristin is a game changer on every level: she is your personal guide to health, nutrition, psychological/emotional wellbeing - in addition to becoming a better, stronger rower. 

"Before working with Kristin, my daughter was thinking of quitting rowing.

Her ability to connect with teenagers is profound and the experience has changed the course of my daughter's life forever. 

Since working with Kristin, Emily has become a better athlete and person. Kristin has helped her understand how to break through her mental barriers and how to communicate what she needs more effectively. I don't know what we would do without her!"

how it works

here's the step-by-step process

You decide to sign up.



fill out the questionnaire

I’ll send you an official email welcoming you to the program. In there, you’ll see a questionnaire about you + your goals. Fill it out so I can get to know you better.

With your purchase, you’ll be taken to a calendar to book your Zoom calls.  

book your calls.

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I’ll send you a link to our Zoom call before it starts. Can't wait to work with you!

We’ll work together to get you faster than ever before

I’m one of the most decorated lightweight rowers in U.S. history. Over the span of my 15-year rowing career, I competed at the 2012 Olympic Games and won 6 international medals for Team USA. 

It wasn’t always easy; I tried a lot of different strategies, failed a lot, and learned a lot along the way. As one very wise coach (my high school coach) once said, “keep fighting till the last stroke.” So I kept on fighting. 

I broke the lightweight 2k records at my high school club (CRI in Boston) and college program (Wisco - go badgers!). I used those erg scores to win two medals at Youth Nationals and two National Championships at Wisconsin. 

All that knowledge isn’t doing any good sitting in my head when you could be using it to win races. I absolutely love working with junior rowers and passing all my secrets on to you. Now’s your chance! 

Meet your mentor

i'm here to help you get way faster

Sabrina C.

"When I started with Kristin, my mental state was seriously affecting my rowing scores. Kristin taught me how to overcome those barriers in a very positive way while getting me a lot stronger for the upcoming season. I seriously recommend training with Kristin."

Oakland Strokes

Oakland Strokes

what's the investment?

The knowledge gained over a 15 year career, countless erg tests, and hundreds of races is priceless. When you sign up, you’ll be leaping over all the mistakes I made and shortcutting your way to the top. The full one-on-one Coaching Package is $1,997. 

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I want to make sure I give each athlete an unsurpassed experience, so I only take on a limited number of clients at any time. Book now to reserve your spot! 

the guarantee

I’ll tell you what I’m not into: I’m not taking your money and running.

If you don’t see massive value after our first session, I’ll make it right and refund you your money. That’s how much I believe in the value of this program! 

I'm ready to get going

Common Qs and As:

hey hey, i have a question...

Do I need an erg?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer and a notebook. The only time you’ll need an erg is if you want to do a deep dive on technique for our last session. It’s not required though. 

How long is the program?

One month. We’ll do one Zoom call a week for four weeks. Each call is an hour long. 

How does the program work?

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to a calendar to book your video calls. You can start as soon as you want, then book one call a week for the remaining calls. All the calls will be on an online video platform called Zoom. I’ll give you all the info you need to log in, including a link to join the call when it’s time. 

I’m a college rower and I’m not sure these are right for me. 

These are totally right for you...that is, if you like winning races and going fast. I’ve worked with many collegiate rowers over the years and they’ve absolutely crushed it at NCAAs/IRAs. So get yourself signed up before slots run out! 

If I live locally, can I do these in person?

I know you’d love to see my face in-person just as much as I’d love to see yours, but as of now, this is a virtual program only. 

Is there a payment plan?

Unfortunately, there's no payment plan at this time. If you’d like to request one, shoot me a note at hello@kristinhedstrom.com

Why should I do this program?

I hate to break it to you, but right now, your coach isn’t thinking about you. She’s thinking about organizing, motivating, selecting, and mentoring your entire team. That’s a lot of girls! It’s easy for you to get lost in the shuffle. This program teaches you the things your coach doesn’t have time to. There’s no other program like this out there, and you’ll have a totally unique experience. 

who is this program for?

This coaching package is available for junior + collegiate rowers nationwide.

what if i can't find an available time slot in your calendar?

Not a problem; I'll find something that works. Occasionally I'll open up weekend or evening slots for coaching clients. Just shoot me an email at: hello@kristinhedstrom.com

- John C.

"If you’re on the fence about working with Kristin, do it!
I cannot say how much her coaching has helped me. Before working with her, I struggled to find my next level and knew I needed to be more mentally tough. She expertly guided me through strategies to push myself beyond what I thought was possible. I’m approaching this season more ready than I’ve ever been."

Pocock Rowing Center


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