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Life-changing fitness + wellness membership for women who want to get stronger, lose weight, and finally stick to a workout routine. 

This is more than just a series of workouts; it’s an epic experience that combines targeted, at-home workouts with goal setting, weight loss, and accountability outside of class.

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you tell yourself

Ever start a workout routine and feel like a million bucks? 

There’s an undeniable feeling of pride as you get your workouts in. You feel totally motivated and committed.

Your routine is going solid for a few weeks when suddenly there’s that one time something gets in the way.

You have a work meeting you can’t miss. You go on a trip. Your kid gets sick. 

You had such good intentions when you started, but suddenly you hear yourself making excuses you swore you wouldn’t. 

One week spirals into a second and third, and you’re left feeling deflated, telling yourself, “I always do this.” 

If you’re nodding your head, I hear you.

It’s not your fault. 

Let me get real with you for a second: working out feels hard. And since most workout routines don’t have built-in accountability, this system has set you up for failure, no matter how driven you are at the beginning. 

"this is my time!"

I’m here to make it a heck of a lot easier for you.

The problem is that the initial burst of motivation only lasts you so long. After that roaring fire peters out, you need something to keep you going. 

You know that a motivated group of gal pals with the same health goals as you would help, but you’re not sure where to find them. 

You know you need variety in your workouts, so you’re not stuck hopping on the Peloton again. But you’re not sure how to put workouts together, nor do you want to if you did.

And above all, you’re sure you’re capable of more than you’re getting right now.


Let’s get you on that path with a strategy that

If you had a kickass workout routine, you wouldn't feel stressed out about piecing something together. You’d get time back to spend with your family. You’d feel at peace knowing you checked off the workout box and lowered your risk for all those scary diseases.

You’d sleep better, feel better in your body, and feel alive again. 

More results, more fun, and more challenge, even if it feels scary at first. 

The Fit Well Women Community

I threw out the tired, antiquated model of workout classes. 

(You know, the sweaty spin/bootcamp/barre classes you had to rush to get to on time and had no accountability, little feedback, nonexistent goal setting, and no long term progress tracking.) 

I rebuilt these from the ground up based on what YOU need. 


What makes this community different?

The foundation of the Fit Well Women Community is a 4-week online introductory course called Zero to Fit. It takes you through all the basics: from how to do a squat correctly to setting a goal and creating an easy, simple meal plan you’ll love. The moment you join, you’ll get a community of women with similar goals to you, so your teammates will just...get you. It’s a non-judgmental environment with accountability, positivity, and high fives.
Definitely high fives. 

As you read this, the members of Fit Well Women are getting stronger, losing weight, hitting their goals, and finally feeling motivated. 

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this is not your typical workout group



This system has helped hundreds of women lose weight, get stronger, and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. I'll guide you every step of the way.

This isn't a community of thousands of women. It's an intimate group you can get to know, chat with, stay accountable to, and lean on for support. Have a question along the way? Message me right from your phone or computer on the platform.

I teach 6 workouts per week: a mixture of strength, high intensity intervals, and cardio. All workouts are full body. Simply follow along from home with five pieces of equipment (dumbells, a mat, and a bench or coffee table). Before you know it, you’ll be fitter than ever. 

You want results, and monthly habit building is an important part of that. Each month, I challenge the team to take daily actions within exercise, meal prep, healthy eating, weight loss, sleep, or meditation. Track your points and build healthy habits, one day at a time.

Quarterly evaluations let you know exactly how much you’re improving in 3-month chunks. No ambiguity or “I think I’m getting more fit??” here. 

Access hundreds of workouts in a single click. Can't make the live workout? We record them all, then upload them to the Workout Library. They're sorted by what equipment you'll need, so you can do them even if you're traveling and have no equipment.

Access 1-minute video demonstrations of all the exercises we do in class, anytime, anywhere. Each one walks you through what to focus on to avoid injuries and get the most out of your workout. New videos every week!

Access all the workouts, courses, and challenges from the app on your phone or on the private, members-only platform. Get notified when new content goes live.

Are you ready for a powerful wellness solution?

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proven system


intimate community


live weekly workouts


exercise library


monthly wellness challenges


progress tracking


workout library


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- Allie E.

“I had tried literally every crazy diet in the world that I thought would make me 'healthy,' and had finally decided to reach out for help – and thank god I did! It wasn’t until I met with Kristin and my amazing group that I was able to really commit in the long term.

I am finally seeing consistent results in my physical health for the first time, ever.”

Here’s what I’ll teach you in the Introductory Course, Zero to Fit:

How to move your body correctly to avoid injury 

What equipment you’ll need to get stronger and feel better, right from home (it’s not a lot!) 

How to safely use your new workout equipment - and have fun doing it

A foolproof warm-up routine you can use for workouts outside of class (yup, you’ll be inspired to do those before you know it)

A 10-minute stretching routine you can do after every workout, forever 

Powerful strategies to relieve muscle pain and keep you recovering fast 

How to set a specific goal in an area that matters to you 

My four-step Motivation Formula to stick with your goals

A smarter way to lose weight, without the all-or-nothing diet 

What foods to eat outside of class, and which to avoid 

What workouts you should be doing outside of class to build a rock-solid routine 

How to break through your barriers to accomplish what you never thought possible

get ready to feel amazing!

Your main goals are to get stronger and lose weight

perfect for you

fit well women is


You know you need structure and a routine to stay motivated

You’ve been doing some walking or Peloton rides but strength training and in interval workouts? It’s been a while and you’re feeling intimidated by the process

You want a team to push you and support you

You want to learn how to use weights without injuring yourself

You're ready to eat healthier, one small, manageable step at a time

You're ready to feel healthier and better

You're ready for a sustainable solution 

Ready to start living better?

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- Sarah S.

"I was very discouraged about my fitness level and [kristin's] weekly class and accountability have changed my mindset! It's not just a workout - Kristin holds you accountable and encourages you to strive for a better life!"

I’m an east coaster turned Californian, personal trainer, and wellness expert who went from being the worst kid on every middle school team sport to representing Team USA at the Olympic Games (yup, ya read that right). 

My process has helped hundreds of women get fit and finally find sustainable health instead of yo-yo dieting, and it’ll do the same for you. I know you want to feel confident and in control, like, yesterday. I’ll teach you the tried and true techniques to ditching the all-or-nothing diet mentality and building balanced habits that ACTUALLY fit into your life. 

Meet your trainer

i'm here to help you live your best life ever

what's the investment?

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Fit Well Women community after that: $97 - 497 per month based on membership level 

Zero to Fit Introductory Course: $297 


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Common Qs and As:

hey hey, i have a question...

How’s it billed?

Zero to Fit is a one-time fee. From there, you’ll be invited to join the ongoing Fit Well Women membership, which is billed monthly. No contracts or minimum number of months. As long as it’s working for you, stay! 

What’s Zero to Fit?

Zero to Fit is a 4-week online introductory course that takes you from doing zero (or little) workouts and not eating clean to making massive progress toward both of these. I'll teach you my tried-and-true strategies to get the most out of your journey to better health.

is zero to fit a prerequisite for joining the community? 

Yes! This course was designed to help you get the most out of our membership and community. In this course, you'll set a specific goal, connect with other newbies, and learn everything you need to know to do live workouts with us in the Fit Well Women community. Zero to Fit lives right inside the FWW community, so you'll get instant access to both when you join.

Where are the classes?

Online! You’ll get a link to join them once you finish the Zero to Fit course.

When are live classes?

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 5 and 6 pm pacific, Fridays at 8 am pacific. Cant make that time? They're all recorded, so you can do them on your own, too.

What if I can’t make the live classes?

They’re all recorded and posted within 4 hours, so you can do the recordings on your own if you miss a class. 

what happens if I can't keep up with the other women?

No sweat. (Well actually, yes to sweating, but ya know what I mean!) Zero to Fit was designed for you. From there, I write each workout so it’s easily adaptable to ALL strength and skill levels.  You won’t have to worry about keeping up, just take it at your own pace as you build your fitness. 

What’s the commitment?

It’s billed monthly, so you’re only ever on the hook for one month. Here’s the thing: these classes are built with a long-term vision in mind, so if you like ‘em, I encourage at least a 4-month commitment so you can see results and get to know your team. Most class members stick with the team for at least 6 months and up to 3 years and counting.

How do you keep me accountable? 

Once you finish Zero to Fit, you’ll be invited to join the Fit Well Women community at one of three membership levels: Insider, PRO, or VIP. The Insider level provides you with the basics, and the VIP level provides you with unparalleled accountability and workout feedback. Choose what fits in your budget. The Monthly Wellness Challenges also keep you on the right track with habits outside of our workouts. Regardless of which level you choose, I’m always looking out for my team (you!) and available via chat.

the guarantee

I’ll tell you what I’m not into: I’m not into making you do things you don’t want to do.

So if you completed the Zero to Fit course and don’t see any results, let me know and I’ll refund you.*
*must show proof of completed worksheets as part of the course

i'm ready to join!

When you join, you’ll get instant access to the online platform and app. 

- Emily M.

Kristin’s classes have been a game changer for me. She motivates us to push ourselves hard and rewards us through constant encouragement. She has created a safe space for women of varying athletic levels to bond over the endorphin releasing workouts and supports us to set realistic goals for our health. She holds us accountable! She is awesome!


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