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Personal Training with Kristin

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You deserve a sustainable solution, not another fad diet.  

When it comes to your fitness and wellness, you deserve a life-changing experience. 

As a highly sought after Bay Area personal trainer, I help driven women lose weight, get stronger, and feel amazing. After a career as an Olympic athlete and over seven years training women in Alameda and Oakland, I’ve created a process that delivers results.

I’m not here to log time. I’m here to dive deep into your goals and walk with you every step of the way as you move toward your ideal life. 

Let’s get you finally feeling proud of your body and confident about your health. 

You deserve to feel confident and in control of your health. 

- M.J.

“I can't say enough how [Kristin’s] personal interest in my success, deep knowledge of diet and exercise and enthusiasm are the crucial factor in my efforts to get fit and lose weight.” 

[who lost 30 lbs]

Personal training is for you if...

You have a specific goal in mind

You want unparalleled accountability and customized workouts

You’re having trouble motivating to make a change with your health

You want to work with someone who brings a high level of expertise, excellence, and fun to your experience

You're serious about your goals and, with the right support, you’re ready to commit to all of it: the in-person workouts, improving the quality of the food you eat, and doing workouts outside of our sessions

This is your first time embarking on an all-encompassing health journey and have no idea where to start

You're recovering from an injury

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- Allie P.

"I knew I wanted 'Best in Class.'
After interviewing and talking to a couple of other trainers; I decided to work with Kristin and after 8 months, I feel confident recommending her without reservations.

Alameda, CA

what you'll get

the tools you need to live your best life ever


I’m a results-oriented kind of girl, which means I’m right with you when you take on a goal, whether that’s weight loss, toning, improving stamina, or increasing strength. We’ll track your progress as you get closer to it and celebrate when you achieve it. 


As a member of your team, I’ll help you craft your goal and get clear on how to achieve it, step by step. I’ll also keep you on track between sessions, whether that’s a recipe idea or a text to check in. 


You're so much stronger than you believe. I’ll help you prove it to yourself, bit by bit. Together, we’ll help you feel unstoppable in every area of your life.


Aside from being accountable to me for our sessions, I’ll make sure you stick to your workouts and your new healthy habits outside of our meetings (don’t worry, we’ll start slow!). 


Ready to start strong? Over the first couple months, you’ll get weekly nutrition and weight loss tips delivered to your inbox. Then, you’ll get access to my client-only resources, including travel workouts, my favorite apps to stay motivated, a meal planning chart, and more. 


I’ll customize your plan to your unique needs with plenty of variety thrown in. You’ll never do the same workout twice.

the first step is always the hardest, but you got this! 

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I’m an east coaster turned Californian, personal trainer, and wellness expert who went from being the worst kid on every middle school team sport to representing Team USA at the Olympic Games (yup, ya read that right). 

My process has helped hundreds of women get fit and finally find sustainable health instead of yo-yo dieting, and it’ll do the same for you. I know you want to feel confident and in control, like, yesterday. I’ll teach you the tried and true techniques to ditching the all-or-nothing diet mentality and building balanced habits that ACTUALLY fit into your life. 

Meet your trainer

i'm here to help you live your best life ever

I’ll create a plan based on your starting point, goals, and timeline. We’ll schedule your weekly workouts and start building you a healthier life! 

how to get this going

here's the step-by-step process




Make a plan.


We’ll dig into your health history, do a movement assessment to analyze your body’s postures, and get clarity on your goals. 

We’ll hop on a call to learn more about what you’re looking for and chat about what your next step might be. If we’re the right fit, we’ll set up a free initial strategy session. 

discovery phone call.

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Please note: in order to give my clients the best experience possible, I only take on a limited number of clients at any given time. 

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trudi says...

"Kristin is by far the best personal trainer I have ever used. She catered my exercises exactly to my goal. Sessions were not wimpy - very targeted - and hard enough so I really saw results. Her experience with Olympic training really shines through. THE BEST."

sally says...

"My experience with Kristin has proven to be more than I had hoped in that she is a partner me with me in both identifying my areas of growth and supporting me to stay focused on those goals. Kristin has taught me strategies for supporting my fitness and health/weight goals that will serve me for a lifetime."

daryll says...

"Kristin is quite easily the best personal trainer I know. When I came to her almost a year ago, I wanted to become stronger and I wanted to run a 5k, which I had never done before. Kristin put together a well thought out workout plan to not only achieve my goals but also surpass them, and when I surpassed them, she encouraged me to make new goals so I can improve and get stronger everyday."

Common Qs and As:

hey hey, i have a question...

where are you located?

All workouts take place at a private gym in Alameda. This studio space is by-appointment-only, so you won’t have any gym members awkwardly walking through your sessions.

how long is each workout?

Each workout is 60 minutes long. 

will it be a customized experience?

Yes. My one-on-one personal training is 100% customized to your experience, limitations, previous injuries, goals, and progress. 

what's the investment?

Packages vary, but the experience starts at $550/month

how often will we meet?

Two to three times per week, depending on your goals. That strikes the balance between making progress but not having so many workouts that you can’t recover between them. 

what kind of equipment will we use?

Free weights, TRX, medicine balls, barbells, stability balls, Vipr bars, BOSU balls, and more. Not sure what these are? I’ll teach you! We’ll stay away from machines because you’ll build a stronger core and get to your goals faster if you use your body to stabilize yourself. 

what's the commitment?

Sessions are booked and billed in 4-sessions packages, so you’re only ever obligated to do four sessions at a time. However, to make a lasting impact on your life, plan on committing to at least a 6-month experience. 

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Get ready for massive results.

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- Christine C.

"if you're in the East Bay or even the Bay Area and looking for a trainer, Kristin is worth the trip since she will change your life for the better. She's like the Oprah of personal trainers!"