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I believe in meeting you where you’re at, empowering you to get back control, and start living life on your terms. 

This is a great thing, because it meant I built my systems around what actually delivers results, rather than what others were doing. 

I never had a personal trainer before becoming one.

To make our session the best hour of your day.
You’ll leave stronger, happier and more energized than you did coming in.
You’ll see lasting changes.
You’ll discover your greatness. 

my goal?

Personal Training

No. 2 

My premium training sessions, tailored 100% to you. We’ll target exactly what you’re looking to improve and build a workout and wellness routine you can confidently stick to. 

Circuit Training Classes

These aren't the tired, overcrowded workout classes you’ve tried before. Discover my redesigned, wildly popular small group classes. Join a #girlsquad you can’t wait to work out with each week. Now open to women nationwide.

No. 1

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Two Ways to
Train with Me

- Martha S.

"I went from being completely unmotivated to exercise, to feeling exhilarated and energized by exercise. I went from not being able to run a mile, to running 6 miles a day. And I went from a fear of looking in the mirror to a sense of pride in a new-found strength and stamina.  

Alameda, CA

Who is this for?

feeling shame about your body, frustrated with the options out there, and unsuccessful with past attempts?

are you sick of...

stressed, overly busy, and unable to make time for workouts? 

do you feel...

to feel proud of yourself and your body? Do you crave a reset that lasts?

do you want...

Let's start creating your new life.

you're about to feel so much better

personal training

small group training

- Jen K.

"Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her training/workout regimens. She is easy to communicate with, super approachable and knows what you are capable of doing (even when you don't). She'll push you and support you in all the right ways, leaving you proud and well exercised every time you leave that gym."

Alameda, CA

I'll be dishing out meal tips, workout ideas, and other inspo every other week. Join the party! 

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